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Meet Landscape Express

Your New Best Friend in the World of Do-It-Yourself Landscaping

Help Is On The Way

It’s never been easy to find, load and transport all the right elements needed for a beautiful residential landscape but in recent years matters have only gotten worse. The days of the charming garden center have largely given way to the invasion of the big box stores, where the gardening section seems more like an appendage in a parking lot than a passion project of a plant-loving entrepreneur.  The horticultural knowledge of most employees is limited at best and the chances of getting any sort of help with design elements are slim and none.

An Elegant Solution

Introducing Landscape Express, where the crowded aisles of bulk-purchased plants are replaced by a vast virtual nursery.  Carefully conceived to make the research and procurement process for your next landscape project both pleasant and successful, the site is informed by forty years of professional landscaping and designed for homeowners at every level of proficiency. And the free delivery service seals the deal!

Three Ways to Proceed

1) Shop by Name

If you have a particular plant in mind, you can proceed by simply using the search button at the top of our Home Page or HERE.

The plant, if available, will appear, along with photos, plant description and sizes available, with prices.

Once you find something that fits your interest, you can then Add the Item to your Shopping Cart and Continue Shopping or Go to the Checkout page.

2) Shop by Category

If you have a more general idea of the kind of plant you’re looking for, you can choose to SHOP BY CATEGORY on the Home Page or HERE.

If all you know is that you’re looking for “Shade Trees” or “Screening Plants”, for example, that interest can be quickly explored By Category that will list various the various species within that category. Descriptions and photos of each will be accompanied by the available sizes and the pricing.

From there the process is the same as above:  Continue Shopping, Add to Cart and Continue Shopping, or Go To Checkout.

3) Shop by Design Tour

If you don’t know the name of a plant you’re looking for but are thinking “I’ll know it when I see it” you can SHOP BY DESIGN TOUR from the Home Page or HERE. Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourself landscape gardener just looking for ideas or a basically clueless beginner trying to figure out where to start, Shopping by Design Tour is also a good place to begin your exploration of everything Landscape Express has to offer.

With our SHOP BY DESIGN TOUR feature, you will be able to scroll through photos of various groupings of plants in dynamic landscape array in the real world.  When you see something you like, you can just click one one of the “targets” on the photo and the plant in question will be instantly identified; with a second click you will be presented with additional photos and the pertinent plant information; and a third click will give you prices and availability.

From there the process is the same as above:  Continue Shopping, Add to Cart and Continue Shopping or Go To Checkout.



Care to Be One of Our New Best Friends?

If so, we’d like to keep in touch.

In the months and years ahead we’d like to keep you informed and surprise you from time to time with new ideas, continuing inspiration and occasional offers . . . for our New Best Friends only.

Okay that’s not really a thing — come on, we aren’t that corny — but you get the idea.

As Founders here at Landscape Express, we have over 40 years of residential landscape experience and not enough patient friends with whom to share all the genius ideas and delightful anecdotes we have to offer (people can only take some much of that “inside baseball” kind of stuff.)

So we figured we should expand our audience to include some fresh ears and eyes. If you’re interested in tuning into our world from time to time, please fill out the information form on this page and we’ll keep you mildly entertained and somewhat up to date, at such times as you’re in the mood to open our emails on any given day.

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