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Hosta – Albo Marginata

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Clump-forming, mounded perennial.  Narrow, lance-shaped leaves are bright green to olive green.  Violet bell-shaped flowers bloom in late summer and early fall on tall stalks from the center of the plant.

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The White Edge Hosta, "ALBO MARGINATA" has emerald green leaves broadly splashed with white edges. It is a hardy perennial that blooms in late summer. The White Edge Hosta grows 15-18'' high and is excellent for border planting. Strong, field-grown plants. Attracts Hummingbirds. Drought resistant

Standard for all Hostas. The Royal Standard Hosta has a superb, extremely hardy Hosta that has shiny, lush foliage 26” high with sweetly scented bell shaped flowers on 18-26” stems. Blooms in August through September. Strong field grown plants. Fragrant flowers attract hummingbirds. Drought resistant.