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Peony – Assorted

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Peonies are prized for their unique and  fluffy flower heads and bloom through spring. Excellent in a back of the border mass planting or as a specimen planting in a cottage garden. Also makes a beautiful cut flower.

3 Gallons

Overview Care
Peony plants offer big, fluffy, fragrant flowers in a wide range of colors, forms and sizes. These resilient, long-lived perennial bushes have a history of popularity as a garden plant. Blooming earlier than many perennials, Peonies make an excellent back of the border planting, where once the flowers are done blooming the glossy foliage can fill in and other perennials can steal the front row spotlite. The Lush, Frilly blooms look gorgeous planted alongside other Spring bloomers like May Night Salvia and Foxglove. Also makes an excellent cut flower.

Peonies do best in organically rich, well-drained soil with a neutral pH. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system; once established, reduce frequency. Remove spent blooms for a tidy appearance. Prune foliage in fall. Needs little fertilization; an annual side dressing of organic compost is beneficial. Staking can be helpful as the blooms sometimes are too heavy for the stems.