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Azalea – Snow

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Beautiful clusters of Snow-white blooms against dense, evergreen leaves.  Blooms early to mid-spring.

Overview Care
This lush evergreen shrub has small, dark green leaves changing to lighter green and full, trumpet-shaped clusters of snow-white flowers in early to mid-spring. "Snow" is a stunning addition to a border or garden. Prefers well-drained, acidic soil. Pro-tip: use plenty of peat moss when planting.

Thrives in humus-rich, acidic, moist, well-drained soils. Best in east or north exposures, sheltered from harsh sun in hot summer areas. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system; once established, maintain evenly moist soil. Keep roots cool with a thick layer of mulch. Apply an acid fertilizer after bloom.Pruning time: requires little to no pruning..