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Birch – Clump, Dura-Heat

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The Dura-Heat River Birch clump is a multi-trunk tree that offers the unique beauty of a Birch tree while being a fast grower and resisting disease, pests, wet areas, heat, cold, and pollutants.  Great shade for hot, humid summers.

Overview Care
The Dura-Heat River Birch clump is one of the Hardiest of the Birch tree family. This beautiful but tough tree can grow in a varitey of conditions from cold to hot and humid. A fast grower, the Dura-Heat it puts on 3 feet a year and will provide your home and landscape with shade where you need it quickly while also providing the unique, ornamental beauty of a multi-trunk Birch. Disease, pest, and pollutant resistant, with well developed roots this tree is outstanding in a border or by itself.

Keep consistently damp the first two seasons until roots establish, then give deep soakings weekly during dry spells. Fertilizer usually not needed. Let multiple trunks form but prune off crossing branches. Remove lowest limbs as tree grows to expose more of the attractive bark.