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Birch – River

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A beautiful, classic tree, The River Birch is prized for it’s unique bark and striking yellow fall color.  A great tree for quick shade coverage or areas where other trees do not tolerate the moisture.

Overview Care
The classic River Birch is a great, medium-fast growing tree that provides dappled shade coverage with it's almond shaped leaves.  Prized for it's cool looking bark, it also turns a beautiful yellow in the fall. prefers moist conditions, so it's great where you may have a little too much moisture for other things to grow or by a pond or river bank.  The River Birch can grow to 40 feet and sometimes up to 70 under the right conditions. The River Birch has an equal fast and invasive root system, so careful planting too close to your home foundation or driveway.

The River Birch is a fairly hardy tree when planted in a sunny spot with plenty of access to regular water. This tree does need pruning to keep limbs healthy and is sometimes susceptible to leaf eating pests like aphids.