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Hosta – Blue Angel

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The Blue Angel Hosta makes a dramatic statement in any yard. Stunning, over sized, blue foliage emerges in spring mellowing to a blue-green by midsummer. Showy, white blooms on  3-4 ft. stems emerge in Summer.

1 Gallon

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The Blue Angel Hosta is known for its' stunning, over-sized, blue leaves that emerge in the Spring. By midsummer, the blue foliage will mellow to more of a blue-green color, however, the shadier the spot, the longer it holds on to its' unique blue color.  Gorgeous and profuse white to white-lavender tinted blooms appear on long, 3-4 ft. stems in July and August. These giant hostas have excellent slug resistance.

Does best in rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soil with organic matter added. Keep evenly moist though it can tolerate a dry period here and there. Dappled shade is ideal but does okay in part-sun to full shade.