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Rose of Sharon – Blue Satin

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The Rose of Sharon “Blue Satin” is an extremely popular form of hardy hibiscus. Popular in the Oklahoma landscape for its’ heat and drought tolerance once established. This plant will give you loads of cool, blue blooms in the Summertime. Fast-growing. Virtually no-maintenance once established. Deciduous.

Overview Care
The 'Blue Satin' Rose of Sharon is an easy to grow hardy hibiscus adds unique color to the summer landscape, with large, rich blue flowers. Heat and drought tolerant, when established -it's no wonder it's an old-fashioned and popular Oklahoma favorite!  A strong grower, perfect for containers, as a hedge or trained into a small tree. Easy to maintain in perennial borders and mixed bed.

Adaptable to most soils except very wet or dry. Prune as needed to shape in fall/winter. Apply a controlled release fertilizer in spring, with a supplemental feeding in mid-summer.