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Spruce – Globosa, Standard

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The Stadardized, Globosa Spruce is the same as a regular Globosa but trained up on a trunk, making it a unique accent for an entry way or as a specimen planting in a garden or even in a flower pot.

Overview Care
The Standard Globosal Spruce is a compact rounded evergreen with striking steel blue foliage; grafted onto a single stem to form a blue lollipop, tends to become wider with age; a great patio tree, particularly effective accent among lower growing perennials and ornamental grasses. Also looks great as an entry way accent or to add a touch of formality to a cottage garden.

This dwarf tree should only be grown in full sunlight. It is very adaptable to both dry and moist growing conditions, but will not tolerate any standing water. It is not particular as to soil type or pH, and is able to handle environmental salt. It is highly tolerant of urban pollution and will even thrive in inner city environments. This is a selection of a native North American species