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Boxwood – English

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The English Boxwood, also known as Dwarf Boxwood, is the classic choice for gardeners and designers wishing to bring a bit of sophistication into the Garden Hedge.  The English Boxwood grows to about 2 feet high (sometimes up to 4 feet) and can be shaped into a formal hedge or topiary but looks equally good simply being left alone to slowly grow into a lush, natural hedge of green.

Overview Care
English Boxwood, also known as Dwarf Boxwood, is the classic boxwood you see in Formal English Gardens, topiary gardening, as well as many other uses.  The English Boxwood can be kept shaped for a more formal style or left to grow natural, it will form a lush, slow-growing hedge of velvety soft leaves.  A pretty tough plant once established and well- cared for, many existing gardens around the world today have English Boxwood that are over 100 years old.  It can grow up to 4 feet high and needs sunlight to thrive, though in hotter areas a bit of shade it actually good. The Boxwood has shallow, matting roots and needs regular mulching and well drained soil to prevent root exposure and rot.

The English Boxwood is great once established. Well-drained soil is a must. Shallow root system needs regular yearly mulching or it will dry out. too much water and it is susceptible to root rot. Prune before the new growth come on in early spring if you must.