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Boxwood – Wintergreen

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The Wintergreen Boxwood is a popular plant! It can be spotted all over town due to the fact it’s so easy to grow and thrives through both cold winters and hot summers. A great, year-round green for your hedge or even alone or in a container!

Overview Care
The Wintergreen Boxwood is one of the most popular varieties due to the fact it can take both extreme cold and hot summers as well as being extremely low-maintenance once established. It has outstanding green foliage year-round and is easy to keep hedged or shaped into a topiary. A slower grower, it can actually get up to 4-5 feet high with an equal spread. It will bring ever-green beauty to your landscape all year. Like all boxwood varieties, it needs regular mulch to prevent the shallow roots from drying out and well-drained soil. that's it.

Keep well-watered first year to establish roots, and alwasy prune late winter before new spring growth. Like all Boxwood varieties, it needs regular mulch to protect the roots and well drained soil.