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Burning Bush

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The Burning Bush is prized for its’ unbeatable flame-fall color! A quick grower, it can put on 1-2 feet a year and grow up to 15 feet if not cut back.  Great for hedges or a specimen plant! Do not plant near pets or children, leaves are considered poisonous.

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The Burning Bush will add some low-maintenance DAZZLE to your Autumn season.  A fast growing shrub, it puts on 1-2 feet a year of it's famous flame orange-red fall foliage, making it a knock-out hedge or specimen planting in your landscape.  Losing it's leaves in the winter, it puts on new bright green leaves in the spring, staying that way through the winter before it's FIREWORKS display in the fall!  All the Burning Bush needs is a sunny spot, well-drained soil, and regular watering and it will reward you with decades of bright color! Please note that the leaves are considered poisonous so do not plant near pets or if you have small children nearby.

This is a fast growing shrub but can be kept contained or in a hedge with regular yearly, pruning. Once plant is established, it can survive with less watering. For best fall color, plant in full sun. Do not plant near kids or pets as the leaves are considered poisonous.