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Camelia – ‘Winter’s Snowman’

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This fragrant, hybrid Camelia can withstand the cold and will brighten up your garden with shiny, deep-green leaves and snow-white blooms from late fall through winter.

Overview Care

The 'Winter's Snowman' Camelia, is a stunning white-flowered Camellia that is hardy into zone 6. Flowers appear late fall through December and sometimes January. Cup-shaped white blooms start with pink buds and flowers that open to a bright white. Shrub will reach up to 6' in height and 7' in width. Foliage is a dark green and glossy, new growth is wine colored. Grow in partial shade in moist, acidic, organic soils that are well-drained. Does well paired with Azaleas and Hydrangeas and can even been kept in a container in a protected spot.

A low maintenance plant, the camelia needs regular watering but careful not to over water. Prefers well, drained somewhat acidic soil.