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Cedar – Blue Atlas

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The Blue Atlas Cedar, sometimes called the ‘Charlie Brown’ tree because of it’s sparsely-spaced branches when it’s younger, is actually a real knock-out planted alone as a specimen, or in a landscaped border. The Blue Atlas Cedar, with it’s year-round silvery blue branches will add a touch of uniqueness to your Yard.

Overview Care
This Popular tree will brighten up an evergreen hedge or look fantastic alone.  The unique silvery-blue branches of the Blue Atlas Cedar may start out a bit sparse,  but this slow, pyramidal grower, can reach up to 30-40 feet over several decades. It just needs sun and well-drained soil to really sparkle! Does well with groupings of several trees or mixed with pine.  Also looks stunning planted in island beds with grasses and boulders.

Needs well drained soil and prefers a sunny location.