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Cedar – Deodara

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Add a little year-round holiday cheer to your landscape with this ‘Living Christmas Tree!’ The Deodara is a low maintenance and majestic evergreen tree, with a classic pyramidal shape, and soft draping foliage. Great for screening or alone, it can grow up to 40-50 ft.

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The Deodara Cedar will add old world charm to your landscape or Hedge! The Deodara, with it's classic, pyramidal shape and draping evergreen branches can be planted alone as a Living "Christmas Tree' in your yard or anywhere you wish to add a bit of whimsical interest to your landscape. The Deodara can also be planted in a row to create a moderate-growing privacy hedge of evergreen. This tree prefers well-drained acidic soil, but can actually do alright in almost any type of soil. A moderate grower, it puts on about a foot to a foot and a half of growth a year, reaching a mature height of 40-50 feet and almost 20-30 feet around at the base. Once established, the Deodara is drought resistant, rewarding you with year round green for decades to come.

Prefers rich, well-drained acidic soil, but can grow in just about anything but clay. Once established, the Deodara is drought resistant.