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Cedar – Horstmann Blue Atlas

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A semi-dwarf, Blue Atlas Cedar, this ‘fun-sized’ evergreen only reaches 8-10 feet. The Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar, with it’s fluffy, ice-blue branches will be a year-round bright spot in your garden and landscape.

Overview Care
The Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar, is a more dense and compact version of the classic Blue Atlas Cedar. A semi-dwarf tree that grows to just 8-10 ft, it's icy-blue branches are a bit fuller and fluffier than the traditional Blue Atlas.  This Conical-shaped ever-green, makes a wonderful specimen planting or even container tree on a patio. Plant in groups for a small privacy screen or to brighten up a corner of the yard with year-round color. This tree, once established is pretty low maintenance and slow-growing. During hot summer,s a little extra water will keep it healthy.

Like most trees, well-drained, amended soil is ideal. Prefers full sun to really thrive, but light shade is okay. Once established, the Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar is almost drought-reistant, just give it a good extra soaking here and there during the hot months to keep it happy!