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Cedar – Weeping Blue Atlas

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Add a touch of ‘Fairy-tale’ charm to you landscape or patio. The soft-blue branches drape elegantly on this slow-growing tree with a unique shape.  This tree will add year-round charm to any sunny spot.

Overview Care
The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar will add a touch of fairy-tale charm to your landscape or patio area. This tree has a unique shape and weeping cork-screws of powder-blue, ever-green branches.  Good drainage, slightly acidic soil, and a sunny spot are all it needs to thrive as it grows slowly up to 10 feet high and sometimes as big as 20 feet wide.  A wonderful ornamental tree for a focal spot or mixed in with other textures and colors in the garden. Once established with even watering and a happy spot, this tree is somewhat drought-resistant.

Prefers well-drained, somewhat acidic soil and regular watering to establish. Does not like a lot of surface moisture so mulch and good drainage are a must. Once established, this tree is somewhat drought resistant but a deep soaking here in there during the hot months will go a long ways to keeping this tree healthy.