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Cherry Tree – Snow Fountain Weeping

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The Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree makes an elegant addition to your landscape alone or in a hedge. It has profuse white blooms from the top to bottom of it’s elegantly draped branches, creating a ‘waterfall’ of blooms in the spring.

Approximately 5′ – 6′.

Overview Care
The Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree, with profuse and fragrant white blooms from top to bottom of it's weeping branches, will add a touch of elegance to your landscape. More compact than a regular cherry tree, it tops out between 8-15 feet and makes for a beautiful statement in your landscape alone, in a row, or even as an accent on either side of some steps or pillars.  It would be hard to find a tree more lush with blooms in the spring. The rest of summer, the graceful branches are covered in green leaves turning to a glowing ember in the fall. This tree is low-maintenance once established and can withstand both cold winters and hot summers, with a little extra care. Make sure it has good drainage and full-sun to really produce the best blooms.

good drainage is a must. give it an extra soak in hot summers. full sun is necessary for it to produce the most blooms. shade will produce less blooms.