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Chokeberry – Brilliant Red

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This Deciduous shrub puts on dense sprays of ‘Brilliant Red’ berries when everything else in your garden has gone dormant in winter. In spring and summer it has glossy green leaves that turn a brilliant flame color in the fall before they fall off.

This multi-trunk, deciduous (looses it's leaves) shrub will give a special spot in your yard interest year-round! In the Spring, it puts on deep green foliage and sometimes delicate white flowers. In the fall, the leaves turn a brilliant flame color before falling off. In the winter, it puts on firework display of 'Brilliant Red' berries for the holiday season, while most things are bare and dormant. It is a carefree shrub once established, and looks best where it can just grow naturally or behind an evergreen or perennial hedge where the lower, sparser branches don't show as much. Prefers well-drained and evenly moist soil, but can grow in a variety of conditions. Grows to a mature height of 5-10 feet and 3-4 feet wide. Berries and foliage really thrive in full sun but can take some shade.