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Holly – Christmas Jewel

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The Christmas Jewel Holly is a wonderful, every green hybrid that will add a touch of Christmas cheer to your yard, year round. Easy to grow, this Christmas-tree shaped holly has red berries in winter and stays fairly compact. Great as a specimen plant or as a privacy hedge.

Overview Care
The Christmas Jewel® Holly is a wonderful newer variety of holly with a neat, upright habit that is so compact it doesn’t even need trimming. It grows steadily to around 10 feet tall, making it perfect for smaller spaces and smaller gardens. It will even grow well in large boxes, tubs and planters. It has small glossy leaves and an abundance of large red berries in fall and through most of the winter too. Plant it as a specimen in a lawn or a bed, as an avenue along a driveway, or as a beautiful screen that needs no trimming. The leaves have a classic look, and branches are perfect for decorating your home for the holiday season. In the garden or in your home, this holly truly is a jewel for the Christmas season.
  • Wonderful neat, column-shaped holly tree
  • Abundant crop of large, deep-red berries
  • Compact growth is always neat without trimming
  • Grows in sun or partial-shade
  • Ideal size for smaller gardens and large planters
Grow the Christmas Jewel® Holly in full sun or partial shade, in all regions from zone 6 to zone 9. It will grow well in ordinary garden soil, and it thrives in moist, well-drained soil. Avoid very wet areas that are constantly saturated, and very dry locations too. This hybrid bush is vigorous and tough, with no significant pests or diseases, and even deer normally leave it alone. For an easily-grown, compact, upright evergreen bush with the bonus of beautiful berries in fall and winter, this plant simply cannot be beaten.

We all love to see those pyramids of green holly bushes, glistening dark-green in summer,

prefers rich, well- drained, slightly acidic soil. Once establised,  Holly is somewhat drought resistant and will reward you with rich, glossy green foliage year-round.