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Hydrangea – Cityline Paris

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The Cityline Paris Hydrangea packs a lot of glamour on a compact, small plant!  Large, Glam, Fuchsia Pink blooms on one of the smallest varieties of Hydrangea. Great for borders, as a specimen, or even flower pots. One of the Hydrangea that does well with a bit more sun than many.

2 Gallons

Overview Care
Ooh la la! The tight, compact habit of Cityline Paris hydrangea makes it a well-behaved garden or landscape plant, while its vivid deep red flowers make a bold and stylish statement. One of the smallest hydrangeas on the market, it does not need pruning (in fact, don't prune it at all!) and its deep green mildew-resistant foliage looks handsome all season. Cityline Paris keeps its red color in most any soil, developing only purplish centers in acidic soils. Excellent as a low perennail border, a specimen plant or even in a container.

Hydrangeas love slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Plant with Peat-moss. Keep evenly moist and water extra in hot summers.