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Barberry – Concorde

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The ‘Concorde’ Barberry is a compact, low-maintenance shrub full of red-to plum colored small leaves that jazz up any border or container.  drought resistant once established, this plant will bring you color with little effort for years to come.

Overview Care
The Concorde Barberry is the perfect compact shrub to bring bright reds and plums to those smaller spaces in your garden, only growing between 18 and 24 inches tall, and about 24 inches across. The concord's dense mound of small leaves that come out red in the spring, deepening in the summer, then turning to a bright red in the fall, makes it a colorful addition to any border or spot that needs a little extra pizzazz. Great for edging, foreground groups in beds, or as a permanent colorful shrub in your planter boxes and containers. It tolerates cold winters and hot summers in almost any type of soil making as well as drought resistant once established. this is a great, low-maintenance.  just a little pruning and effort here and there and this plant will reward you with color for many years to come.

Thrives in average, well-drained soil; avoid poorly drained, wet sites. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish an extensive root system. Once established reduce frequency; tolerates moderate drought. Fertilize before new growth begins in spring. Prune in late winter to promote dense new growth.