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Contorted Filbert – Walking Stick Tree

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This Unique Tree, with it’s twisted form and branches adds a touch of whimsical charm to your garden and landscape. Slow, compact growth. Needs a sunny spot and good drainage. Great for cottage gardens, small spaces, or near an entryway.

Overview Care
The Contorted Filbert, also known as the "Harry Lauder Walking Stick Tree" will add a touch of fairy tale charm to your garden and landscape. This tree has a twisted trunk and branches that grow slowly. Winter is when this tree really sparkles because when the leaves are gone, the unique form really stands out. In the spring, it puts on long, yellowish catkins. Summer, bright-green leaves appear and cover the rounded canopy. This tree stays compact and will slowly reach about 10 feet, making it the perfect tree for a cottage garden, courtyard, or near a front entry. Looks charming under planted with perennials and hostas. It does need a little extra care to get established. Good, well drained soil is a must and regular watering is needed to keep it healthy. Does best in full sun and in hotter areas a little shade is ideal.

Does not tolerate clay soils and needs good drainage and regular watering to thrive.