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Cypress – Bald

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The ‘Bald Cypress’ is a majestic, deciduous tree with unique bark and feathery, green branches that turn to a lovely shade of rusty red in the fall before dropping it’s needles.

Overview Care
The 'Bald Cypress' is a classic tree, seen often in sprawling landscapes, parks, and forests. Prized for it's cinnamon colored, variegated bark and long, feathery foliage, the 'Bald Cypress' is actually pretty low maintenance, thriving in a variety of soil conditions. The 'Bald Cypress' prefers full sun and is one of the rare conifers (cone bearing trees) that turns a deep rusty shade in the fall before dropping it's leaves. Thrives near rivers, swamps, and other damp locations.

Grows in almost any type of soil, but prefers acidic. Does best planted near water or areas with a lot of moisture. Susceptible to blight, mites, and moth.