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Cypress – Golden Threadbranch

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The ‘Golden Threadbranch Cypress’ provides a year-round pop of golden color, on a compact cypress shape. Low-maintenance once established, this plant is great as a specimen planting or in groupings to set off other colors in the garden.

Overview Care
The 'Golden Threadbranch Cypress' is an excellent choice anywhere you need to brighten up a garden or add some contrast! The Golden branches provide unique color and texture alone or paired with plants for colorful contrast like a red barberry or plum colored loropetulum. The 'Golden Threadbranch' is pretty low-maintenance and just needs a sunny spot and good drainage. This plant grows slowly to a mature height of 5-6 feet but can easily be kept contained at 3-4 feet with a little yearly pruning.

Prefers well drained soil. Needs full sun except in hotter climates, like zone 7, where a little bit of shade is actually good. Too much shade though, and the branches get straggly.