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Cypress – Hinoki

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Product Overview

The ‘Hinoki Cypress’ is an unique evergreen with slightly drapey, flat foliage and a slow-growing, compact shape. Perfect for privacy hedges or alone as a focal point of interest.

Overview Care
The Hinoki 'False Cypress' is a unique evergreen with branches that grow upright and flat foliage that drapes whimsically at the ends. This slow-grower makes and excellent privacy hedge or specimen plant, growing between 8-12 feet. It tolerates a variety of soil but need good drainage. The Hinoki Cypress loves a sunny spot, but needs a little bit of shade in hotter climates.

Needs good drainage and even watering. sometimes the Hinoki cypress is suseptible to bag worms. In warmer zones, a little afternoon shade is good, but too much can cause the branches to look sparse and sad.