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Cypress – Leyland

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The ‘Leyland Cypress’ is a majestic ever-green alone or in a row to create a fast-growing hedge. The ‘Leyland’ puts on 2-3 feet of new growth a year and is easy to maintain once established.

Overview Care
The 'Leyland Cypress' is perfect for wherever you need a bold statement. It can be used as an evergreen focal point in your landscape or used as a tall, fast-growing privacy hedge. The 'Leyland' Cypress has large, flat foliage and puts on a whopping 2-3 feet of growth a year. This Cypress can be left to grow natural or pruned into a more formal shape. The 'Leyland Cypress' has pyramidal growth and is grown as a Christmas tree in more Southern states. Happiest in full-sun and well-drained soil, the 'Leyland Cypress' is relatively low-maintenance and hardy once established.

The Leyland Cypress prefers rich, well-drained soil. Water regularly, but careful not to over-water as it can get root-rot. Also, do not plant in a windy spot without staking, it can blow over in high-winds before it is established. Sometimes susceptible to bagworms.