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Dogwood – Cloud 9

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The ‘Cloud Nine’ Dogwood is covered in profuse, fluffy-white blooms in the Spring. The compact, slow-growing shape, and delicate ornamental branches make it a great year-round tree in full-sun to part shade.

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The 'Cloud Nine' Dogwood is a landscaper favorite, with it's compact rounded canopy of profuse white blooms and clean, ornamental shape it fits in nicely just about anywhere in a Landscape. The 'Cloud Nine's' slow-growing frame will not overpower an entry way and can be used alone as a specimen, in a border, or even underplanted among larger trees.  One of the most cold-hard and un-fussy of the Dogwood family, it just needs well drained soil and sun to partial shade to really thrive. Looks stunning planted alongside azaleas for a spring garden and in the summer the lovely branches are covered in soft, almond shaped leaves on delicate, ornamental branches. Fall it turns a a lovely red-purple color with red berries before dropping its' leaves.

Must have well drained soil to really thrive. Blooms best when it has at least several hours of full sun a day.