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Dogwood – Kousa

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The ‘Kousa’ Dogwood is an elegant, horizontal branching Dogwood with star-shaped white blooms on a compact, rounded shape. Moderate growth rate and a maximum height up to 25 feet. Excellent for planting near a home, power-lines, or simply as an ornamental focal point in the garden or yard.

Overview Care
The 'Kousa' Dogwood is a hardy and compact tree, prized for it's star-shaped white blooms in the Spring that start out with a greenish tint as the blooms are actually leaves. The tree puts on slow-moderate growth with horizontal branches forming a beautiful rounded canopy. It is perfect near power-lines, a home, or anywhere you need a lovely, ornamental focal point without worrying about it over-taking an area. This Dogwood is also known to be more disease and pest resistant than most native Dogwoods. The 'Kousa' Dogwood just needs well drained soil and good sun for a couple hours to thrive. The tree also bears little red fruits that attract birds and other wildlife. In the fall, it turns a lovely deep red-purple before dropping it's leaves.

Needs well drained soil. Blooms best when it has at least 3-4 hours of full sun.