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Dogwood – Pink

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The Pink Dogwood has ornamental branches covered in shades of light-pink blooms April or May. In fall the foliage turns a reddish bronze before the leaves drop. Great for a shade garden, border, or as an accent tree.

Overview Care
The Pink Dogwood has delicate, ornamental branches covered in shades of light pink around April or May. It prefers well-drained acidic soil and part-shade. Like most Dogwoods, it needs a few hours of sun to really bloom. In the Summer it puts on berries that turn red and attract birds and other wildlife. The beautiful green leaves turn a reddish-bronze in the fall before dropping. The Pink Dogwood looks great alone or mixed in with other plants that prefer acidic soil, such as azaleas and hydrangea.

Needs well drained soil and regular watering. In hotter climates extra water and regular mulching really help to keep it thriving. The Pink Dogwood prefers an acidic enviornment so amending the soil before you plant with a high-quality compost can really help establish the tree.