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Spruce – Dwarf Globosa

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The Dwarf Globosa Spruce is a fun-sized, slow- growing variety of globosa. With its’ unique powdery-blue color, and compact shape, this is the perfect accent plant that fits in a variety of garden spots. Evergreen.

Overview Care
This charming, globe-shaped evergreen shrub is dwarf, flat-topped and densely branched. The bright blue needles hold their color all year long, but are a brighter hue in summer. Provides a unique accent for that special spot in the garden.

Prefers humus-rich, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soils. Water deeply and regularly during the first few growing seasons to establish an extensive root system. Prefers even moisture but can tolerate periodic drought when well-established. Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new growth begins in spring.