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Hosta – Elegans

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The Elegans Hosta makes an elegant addition to the shade garden. Gorgeous, heart-shaped leaves emerge in a smokey-blue hue early spring. Lovely white clusters of blooms mid-late summer.

1 Gallon

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The Elegans Hosta is famed for its over sized, heart-shaped blue leaves. A gorgeous addition to the shade garden that provides plenty of texture and a solid backdrop of deep color for its' beautiful white blooms. Prized for its ability to tolerate dry shade. Lovely mixed in with other shady perennials such as Huchera, Maiden Fern, and Coral bells.  Please note this plant is toxic to dogs, horses, and cats.

Prefers loamy, well-drained, moist soil but is able to tolerate dryer conditions more than other hostas.  Dappled sunlight in a shady area is ideal, but it also tolerates full shade as well.