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Fern – Painted

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The Painted Fern is prized for its unique foliage. Blue-green feather plumes tinged in silver grow on wine-purple tinted stems. Easy to grow and compact at just 12-18 inches tall and wide.

1 Gallon

Overview Care
The Painted Fern will add dramatic color to your shade garden.This fern was the 2004 Perennial of the year for good reason. The feathery, green-silver leaves grow on wine colored stems from spring through fall. A compact and neat fern, it looks lovely mixed into a shady perennial border alongside Hostas, Ferns, Coral Bells, and Bleeding Hearts. Easy to grow, just makes sure you have well-drained soil that doesn't dry out and a nice layer of mulch for wintering over.

Dead-head spent growth and divide every 2-3 years. Prefers rich, ameneded soil but okay as long as it’s well-drained. do not let dry out.