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Fertilizer – Turtle Cote

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Introducing Turtle Cote! -our patent pending brand that makes keeping your flowers and shrubs healthy and happy super simple and easy! Shake this fertilizer over your flower beds and shrubs, healthy flowers and shrubs all season long!

In a nutshell, slow release fertilizers are fertilizers that release a small, steady amount of nutrients over a course of time. These can be natural, organic fertilizers that add nutrients to the soil by naturally breaking down and decomposing. Most often, though, when a product is called slow release fertilizer, it is fertilizer coated with plastic resin or sulfur based polymers which slowly break down from water, heat, sunlight and/or soil microbes. Quick releasing fertilizers can be over applied or improperly diluted, which can result in the burning of plants. They can also be quickly leached out of the soil by regular rain or watering. Using slow release fertilizers eliminates the risk of fertilizer burn, while also staying in the soil longer. Per pound, the cost of slow release fertilizers is generally a little more expensive, but the frequency of application with slow release fertilizers is much less, so the cost of both types of fertilizers throughout the year is very comparable.