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Hosta – Francee

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The “Francee” is a landscape designer favorite. Variegated foliage with a clean and compact shape makes it great in borders or anywhere you might need some low-maintenance, perennial contrast.  Lavender blooms on long stalks in the Summer.

Overview Care
The Francee Hosta, is a landscaper favorite, grown mainly as a foliage plant, the textured, variegated leaves add a bright pop of contrast in a border or sprinkled into a shady perennial garden. Summer it send up lovely lavender-purple blooms. Looks fantastic planted in a mass border or used as contrast mixed in with other hostas such as Elegans or Fragrant Blue. Also looks lovely mixed with annuals like impatients. The Francee Hosta will add a bright spot to your shady landscape.

Like most hostas, well-drained soil with a bit of organic matter mixed in, is prefered. Evenly moist with extra watering in hot summers will keep your hosta happy. This variety of hosta can tolerate a little more sun than others, but prefers part shade to dappled sunlight.