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Aucuba – Green, Dwarf

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The Green Dwarf Aucuba is a fun-sized Aucuba that will give a tropical look to shady spots in your life. Only grows to 3-4 feet high. Evergreen. Water-wise once established.

Overview Care
Though it looks like a tropical plant, Green Dwarf Aucuba is a super-hardy evergreen shrub that features very dark green, sword shaped leaves that contrast nicely with almost any plant nearby. This foliage provides a nice tropical effect in the shady areas of the landscape or gardens. It is a wonderful evergreen accent in perennial shade gardens combined with hosta lilies, perennial ferns, heucheras, and other shade-loving plants.

Aucuba are very easy to grow and care for. They thrive in most any well-drained soil and full shade to part shade. Morning sun is okay but avoid the direct afternoon sun, which can scald the leaves. As with so many other ornamental shrubs, Aucuba does not like constantly soggy or wet soils