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Boxwood – Green Velvet

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A Landscaper favorite. A full and fluffy, relatively low maintenance shrub, it stays Green through winter! The Green Velvet Boxwood grows at a moderate rate and is perfect for low hedges or anywhere you want to add some year-round green.

Overview Care
This vigorous, multipurpose boxwood known for it's outstanding year-round green color is perfect for creating an evergreen hedge or anywhere you want some year-round green in your yard or even a flower pot!  The Green Velvet boxwood is an easy going shrub and just needs at least part-sun, well drained soil, and regular mulching to thrive.  The Green Velvet Boxwood is cold-hardy and does fine in hot weather will a little extra water. It can be pruned and shaped or left to grow to it's natural size of 3-4 feet high and wide.

The Boxwood’s shallow root system needs yearly, and sometime twice-yearly mulching to keep roots from drying out. The Boxwood thrives in most soil as long as well-drained. Always prune or hedge before first frost if you want to keep it shaped.