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Hosta – Guacamole

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The Guacamole will add vivid color to your garden. Apple-green leaves, edged in gold. Fragrant pale lavender blooms on long stems, late summer. Tolerates sun better than most hostas.

Overview Care
The Guacamole Hosta puts the extra in the Guac! This host has huge, glossy, apple green leaves are surrounded by streaked, dark green leaf margins just like an avocado.  The leaf centers become brighter gold in summer when exposed to more sunlight. The Gucamole has fragrant, pale lavender flowers in late summer, and is one of the few hostas that can tolerate more sun and thrive. The unusal color looks stunning paired with other contrasting foliage in the garden like Huchera, Ferns, and Astilbe. Also looks fabulous in a mixed in with brightly colored annuals like impatients.

Grows in a variety of soil conditions but well drained, slightly acidic soil with composted organic matter mixed in, is ideal. Keep to a regular watering schedule. Fast growing and somewhat tolerant of more sun than most hosta.