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Holly – China Girl

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The China Girl Holly is a popular evergreen shrub. Can be kept pruned in it’s natural pyramidal shape or or excellent in low-maintenance, privacy hedge or as a specimen plant in a more formal landscape. Planted with China Boy, it has red berry fruits in winter.

Overview Care
This mounding, pyramidal evergreen holly boasts a profusion of bright red berries each fall, backed by lustrous green foliage. The dense branching habit takes well to formal pruning, either kept in its' natural pyramidal shape or pruned into a privacy hedge. Fairly drought-resistant once established, it does prefer evenly moist, well-drained soil to get established. Heat tolerant as well. Great for a low-maintenance Hedge in hotter climates. Planted along with a male companion plant, China Boy Holly, it will produce beautiful red berries in winter for attracting birds.

prefers rich, well- drained, slightly acidic soil. Once established, Holly is somewhat drought resistant and will reward you with rich, glossy green foliage year-round.