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Holly – Foster

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The Foster Holly is soft, dense holly that grows on a compact, pyramidal form. Beautiful red berries through winter.

Overview Care
The Foster Holly is another Landscapers' favorite. Prized for its dense, softer, and slightly smaller foliage, putting on  1-2 feet a year, it grows up to a stately 20 feet while maintaining a compact form.  This makes the Foster Holly great for Hedges, groupings, or as an accent planting near an entry or corner of a landscape. One of the few Holly varieties that does not need a male companion plant to produce fruit, it produces colorful red berries that last through winter make it an excellent year-round tree. This plant is extremely hardy but does need good soil and drainage as well as regular watering to thrive.

Does well in a variety of  different soil types, but must have good drainage and even better if the soil is slightly acidic. Unlike some other more drought-resistant holly varieties, it needs regular watering to thrive.