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Holly – Nellie Stevens

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The Nellie Stevens is one of the largest and fastest growing evergreen Holly out there. It is excellent for a fast growing hedge or as a living Christmas tree in a larger landscape plan. Easy to grow, once established it is somewhat drought resistant. Red berries in winter are loved by birds and wildlife.

Overview Care
The Nellie Stevens Holly is the result of a "happy little accident" between a Chinese holly and an English holly. The result is a beautiful, hardy, fast growing tree that is a favorite among landscapers. The Nellie Stevens puts on up to 3 feet a year on a pyramidal form, but can be shaped into a classic Hedge. Excellent as a specimen plant or 'Living Christmas' tree, or as a fast-growing privacy hedge. In the Winter, the tree is covered in beautiful red berries and attracts birds and other wildlife. Deer-resistant. Once established, this tree can become virtually drought resistant over time.

The Nellie Stevens prefers well drained, slightly acidic soil and regular watering to get established. Over the years, it will become more and more drought tolerant. It is mostly pest-resistant as well, but should be watched for scale.