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Holly – Oakleaf

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The Oakleaf Holly is majestic in a landscape or alone. This evergreen is prized for its’ soft, oak-leaf shaped foliage and beautiful, pyramidal form. Has red berries in winter attractive to wildlife.

Overview Care
The Oakleaf is an upright, stately holly with emerald-green foliage that resembles oak leaves. Like other hollies, Oakleaf serves well as a yard hedge, whether formal or informal. It has a medium growth rate and reaches a mature height of about 15-20 feet with a spread of 6-8 feet. This shrub bears beautiful red berries from fall through winter, attracting birds and small wildlife.

Prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soil and regular watering. If you have really hot summers, extra watering may be necessary. Yearly mulching is a good idea. Also, this plant can be susceptible to some fungus and molds, but spraying plant can take care of this. Great as a privacy screen, but be careful not to plant in super windy areas. staking may be needed.