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Holly – Sky Pencil

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The Sky Pencil Holly is a stately, narrow and tall holly with green leaves that resemble a boxwood. A versitile evergreen it looks just as good in a modern design as an English cottage Garden. Does well in containers, too.

Overview Care
The Sky Pencil Holly is a super versatile, evergreen plant. It can fit in with an "English Cottage Garden" design just as easily as a bold, minimalist modern plan. It also looks great in a container garden or a welcoming pathway and steps. These tall, narrow, columnar shrubs can grow up to 10 feet tall and 2 feet wide, need minimal pruning unless you wish to keep them smaller. They produce small, greenish flowers and female plants produce tiny, black berries, but neither is particularly ornamental. They are grown primarily for their interesting shape.

Well drained soil and regular watering are the main needs of this plant. In hotter zones, like 8 and 9 and sometimes 7, this plant needs a little bit of shade from the harsh heat and sun. mulch yearly and put down a slow-release fertilizer in the spring to keep this evergreen looking healthy.