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Holly – Winter Red

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The Winter Red Holly is a deciduous shrub that stuns in winter with sprays of red berries on bare branches. Stunning as a specimen plant or in a naturalized hedge.

5 Gallons

Overview Care
The Winter Red Holly makes a charming addition to the landscape, either as a specimen plant or in a naturalized hedge. This plant really sparkles in winter, when it drops its' leaves to reveal a lush display of Bright red berries right on time for the holiday season. Plant a late-blooming male pollenizer such as Southern Gentleman Winterberry nearby for berry production. Because this plant is deciduous and drops its leaves, it is ideal for use in the back of a mixed perennial border or low, ever-green hedge. It also looks stunning left as a natural hedge in larger landscapes or bordering a forested area. Has small, almost unnoticeable, white blooms in spring that later produce those red berries.  It needs well drained soil, regular watering,  and a spot where it gets plenty of sun but also some shade in hotter areas.

Good, well-drained soil is ideal for growing. Prefers slightly acidic environment, so yearly mulching and general purpose fertilizer once a year is a good idea. Regular watering is also necessary. In hotter climates part shade is good for protecting this plant, but too much shade will make it grow ‘leggy.’