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Holly – Yaupon

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The Yaupon Holly is a versatile tree that can be left to grow naturally or shaped as desired. This evergreen, compact tree also produces red berries in winter, attracting birds and other wildlife.

Overview Care
The Yaupon Holly Tree has been a long-time staple of residential landscaping as well as office building everywhere, for a good reason. The Yaupon Holly is a tough, hard to kill plant.  This plant looks best left to grow naturally with a little, 'lilte' shaping and hacking off the shoots it sends up through the ground in spring. However, this plant can be seen in 1950's and  1960's gardens with its' fussy 'poodle cut' still very much alive and thriving well into today. The glossy green leaves are oval, up to one inch long, and feature fine-toothed margins. The tooths on the margin may be pointed or rounded. Each plant produces little greenish-white male or female flowers in the spring, though only the females will bear fruit—small berries that are usually red but sometimes yellow. The berries work well to add winter interest and provide food for birds and other wildlife. Fairly low-maintenance once established, but also great for topiary.

Good drainage is ideal, and sandy soil is ideal. Regular watering and mulch helps to get it established. Once established, it is somewhat drought tolerant. can be kept pruned or shaped into a topiary or left natural.