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Hydrangea – Annabelle

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The Annabelle Hydrangea is prized for its’ super-sized, white ‘pom-pom’ flowers on lovely, bushy shrubs. Excellent planted as a headge or alone as a specimen plant.

Overview Care
The Annabelle Hydrangea has stunning pure white flowers, much larger than others of the species - up to 12 inches across! The fluffy, pom-pom like flowers appear in late spring to summer, often continuing into fall. Strong, straight stems hold the huge flower heads up well, despite heavy rain. This full, lush shrub needs plenty of room to show off its spectacular beauty. Deciduous. Plant alongside companion plants like Dogwood, Viburnum, Astilbe, Coral Bells, Rose Of Sharon, Roses, and Azalea.

Hydrangeas in general do best when they have protection from hot afternoon sun but enough sunlight to really put on blooms. They do well in slightly acidic soil. Use Peat moss when planting hydrangea for an extra happy home. Don’t let them dry out. They will wilt quickly and lose beautiful blooms if allowed to go without water. They love regular fertilization. Dead-head spent blooms to encourage more.