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Hydrangea – Blue Bird

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The Blue Bird Hydrangea is a stunning lace-cap variety of hydrangea. Lacey, profuse clusters of haunting, blue blooms on a sturdy shrub, with foliage that turns reddish in the autumn.

3 Gallons

Overview Care
The Blue Bird Hydrangea is a stunning lace-cap hydrangea, blooms have a ring of sea-blue sterile florets surrounding a large cluster of rich blue fertile flowers. This creates sublte varietation of blue to lavender blooms that practically glow. Blooms in early summer on old wood. Flowers will attain best blue tint in acid soils. Attractive reddish fall foliage. Makes a wonderful accent or border shrub. Great in containers. Deciduous. This is a truly blue Hydrangea when grown in acidic soils. Perfect for cool-colored garden schemes featuring purple, pink, white, and a large range of greens. Gorgeous as an accent amidst lighter greens or when planted in a mass for a big impact in large spaces. Big enough to provide reliable foundation planting along walls, fences or as partitions and screens.

Hydrangeas do best in well-drained, acidic soil. Plant with plenty of peat moss and organci matter added in. Keep moist and give extra water in particularly hot areas. Protect from direct afternoon sunlight.