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Hydrangea – Climbing

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The Climbing Hydrangea is unique and versitile plant. Airy, white blooms on climbing vines with glossy-green foliage that can reach up to 50 feet. Can be trained over arbors, trellises, and walls. Also can be used as a ground cover.

Overview Care
The Climbing Hydrangea makes a unique addition to your garden. True climbers, these large plants sometimes reaching 50 feet tall or more at maturity. In early summer, they produce fragrant, airy, flat-topped, white flower heads. These lace caps can be 5 inches or more in width and are composed of showy flowers on the outside and less-than-showy flowers on the inside.
When they dry out, the flower heads turn reddish-brown. Some gardeners cut off the dried flower heads for use in crafts. The leaves are a medium-green color during the summer and turn yellowish in autumn. However, these plants are not grown for their fall-foliage color. The plants' peeling bark provides some winter interest.
You can grow climbing hydrangea vines to climb up trees, garden arbors, trellises, pergolas, or fences. Because the vines become so large and heavy over time, be sure that the host structure can support the weight of the vines. The plants can also be pruned and maintained in shrub form. The vines commonly don't bloom until they are three to five years. Climbing Hydrangeas can also be used as a ground cover!

The Climbing Hydrangea loves acidic, rich, well-drained soil. Sun helps this plant to bloom but plant in a place protected from hot afternoon heat. Fertilize in the spring to keep it happy.