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Hydrangea – Endless Summer

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The Endless Summer Hydrangea is an amazing plant! The Endless Summer has big blue-pink, pom- poms of color that bloom on both old and new wood. Blooming 10-12 weeks longer than most varieties, this is an outstanding variety that can be used in everything from hedges to beautiful old fashioned cottage gardens to even being grown in a container.

Overview Care
The Endless Summer Hydrangea is a newer variety of hydrange that has quickly become a favorite of Landscape designers everywhere. A hardy, less-picky hydrangea than most, it establishes itself quickly and blooms on both old and new wood, making it a real knock out from the beginning. Another unique feature of the Endless Summer is that it has an almost 10-12 week longer blooming season over other vairieties, giving you blooms over a long season, from Spring through Summer. Whether you are looking for full foundation plantings, striking container gardens or beautiful cut flower hydrangea arrangements, The Endless Summer hydrangea is a hardy, disease-resistant and time-tested sensation. The hydrangea also can bloom as an eye-catching blue hydrangea OR pink hydrangea by adjusting your soil’s pH level as needed. This versatility and demonstrated quality makes The Endless Summer hydrangea a must for your garden landscape!

For best results, make sure your Endless Summer has a happy home before you plant. Well drained, ammended soil with plenty of organic matter is ideal. Also, sun is nesseccary for the plant to bloom, but make sure your beautiful hydrangea has protection from the really hot times of day from the sun. Don’t let it dry out. Keep evenly moist, and make sure to give it extra in the hotter months.