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Hydrangea – Fire Light

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The Fire Light will add color to your garden from Spring through Fall. Beautiful, Fluffy Pom-poms of white flower heads change to pink-red in the Autumn.

3 Gallons

Overview Care
The Fire Light Hydrangea will bring beauty to your yard from Spring through Autumn.  Lovely, big florets transform from pure white in summer to rich pomegranate-pink in late summer to fall. Its thick, sturdy stems hold up the beautiful flowers so they are prominently displayed in the garden. An exceptional landscape shrub for foundation planting, back of the border or cutting garden.

Hydrangeas prefer rich, slightly acidic soil. Keep evenly moist, and make sure to give them extra when it is particularly hot. These Hydrangeas need sun to bloom, but make sure to pick a spot that is protected from direct, hot afternoon sun, especially in hotter zones.